Which Colleges/Universities In The U.S. Are Test-Optional?

Many colleges and universities changed their admissions policies due to COVID-19 and became test-optional. Before we jump into the list, which is up-to-date as of 23 June 2021, we'll cover some basic test-optional and college admissions questions. 

What is the difference between test-optional and test-blind?

Test-optional means that you can still submit your test scores, and universities will consider them (so it's essentially your option). But test-blind means that universities won't look at test scores at all. 

If I'm an incoming freshman, should I prepare for SAT/ACT or wait to confirm if the university is test-optional? 

It really depends on your shortlist of universities. Right now is a great time to plan and take practice tests to see if you'll have an advantage with submitting your scores. Another thing to consider is that some programs and scholarships require ACT or SAT scores, so you should factor that into your planning, too. 

For the most accurate and updated information regarding admissions or testing policies, you should always check directly with the university.

According to Insight Education, here is a list of all test-optional colleges in 2022 and beyond, updated on 23 June 2021

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