What Does A Holistic Application Process Mean?

If you plan to apply to universities abroad, you will often hear the term ‘holistic’ application. But what does it mean?

A holistic application process assesses the student’s unique experiences and considers their tangible and intangible qualities. Universities not only want to see your actual characteristics like grades, TOEFL/IELTS, SAT/ACT scores, etc. report; but also want to see your hobbies, interests, and projects. They also want to hear about you from people you spend a lot of time with, such as your teachers and mentors, in the form of a recommendation letter. 

There are multiple ways to share your experiences on the application form. You can write structured essays about a past experience and how it shaped you into a successful student or list your achievements in the activities section. Several universities also have an optional video you could upload if you possess a unique fine arts skill such as dance or music. If you have a website or small business, you can also share more about those by sharing the URL links on the application. 

And last but not least, most universities will also allow you to have a video interview with a member of the admissions office. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to the person reviewing your applications and put a face to the application by building a personal connection.

Universities are looking to fill their classes with diverse and multi-talented students with various life interests. Institutes believe students have a great college experience when they meet friends with unique interests and share their knowledge.

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