Top 5 New-Age Career Options

With so many new careers popping up daily, plus ones that haven't even been created yet, the opportunity to expand your horizons is greater now than ever before! If you're wondering what programs to major in or which classes to take to take advantage of the new-age careers that have recently surfaced, keep reading! 

According to India Today, below are the top 5 new-age career options for both the virtual and real world.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be highly fulfilling for students interested in subjects like math, statistics, and computer science. Some examples of jobs in AI would be Data Analytics, User Experience, Researcher, Software Engineer, AI engineer, Data Scientist, and more. 

Mental Health Practitioner

There are several branches to the profession of mental health practitioners, such as psychiatry, meditation, psychology, etc. Students with a high sense of perception and patience will find these jobs an ideal match for them. 

Risk Manager

A risk manager guides on if the client should invest or not. Students with the ability to understand numbers and solve problems will find being a risk manager fulfilling and could be an independent practitioner or employed with a finance company. 

Life Coach

From designing the everyday routine to being the go-to person in the face of adversity, a life coach has to have high cognitive skills and an informed mind—students who take an interest in leading the group match ideally with the job of a life coach. 

Online Events Coordinator

A virtual event like a conference could demand various activities such as inviting guests, technology set up, timelines, ensuring there isn't disruption during virtual meetings, etc. Students who like engaging with people and have an eye for detail will do well as online events coordinators. This type of job falls into many industries, and you can work remotely or in an office. You can also start your own online events company and work freelance for organizations looking for your help. 

These are only 5 of the new-age careers popping up; there will be so many more to come! Take time to figure out your real interests and passions, and there is sure to be a career out there to fulfill them!

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