Studying abroad while you are studying abroad
Monday, January 24, 2022

Many students do not know that universities around the world are very connected to each other. There are multiple study abroad programs that happen between different universities, and thousands of students participate in them.

Studying abroad in another country for your Bachelor’s is altogether a very unique experience; however if you are interested in experiencing a totally different country then you can look for study abroad programs in your university.Students in Europe can go to America for a semester and students in America can go to Europe for a semester.

My name is Nand Javia and I am studying abroad in Spain through my university in theU.S. I am from India, and I am a student at Texas Christian University in theUS. I was always interested in study abroad programs. I applied for this one inMadrid, and my university helped me with the entire process. TCU partners with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, which allows me to spend one semester here inSpain! There were also external scholarships that I applied for which helped me cover 90% of my costs in Spain.

I will be taking very similar classes to the ones that I would have taken at TCU this semester. There is a credit approval process to select the exact classes that I need to take in Spain, and this way I can still stay on track for my planned graduation date.

I have been here in Spain for one week now; my classes have not started yet but I am already having an amazing experience being in yet another country. We have visited multiple cathedrals, museums and palaces. Studying abroad in Europe had always been my dream … it feels amazing to finally be here in the moment. I strongly recommend that if you all have the resources, you should try to study abroad while studying abroad! It might be a lot easier than you think!

Guest author: Nand Javia

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