How To Write A Unique College Essay For Your Dream University
Monday, May 16, 2022

Millions of students around the world struggle to write college essays for universities. The most challenging part is the start; figuring out what to say. You might delete and re-write, but it will be easier as you continue the process. The best advice given to students is to take their computer and start writing something. But in this blog, I wanted to provide you with a secret that 99% of college applicants do not know.

If you have a dream university, you may dedicate more time to ensuring that your essay is excellent. It's imperative to research the university well and mention things you learned while doing your research. The one thing that tops all of them is the university's mission statement. 99% of the students will never look up the university's mission statement. To write a unique essay for your dream university, you should look up its mission statement and use keywords from that statement in your writing. For example, if a statement says "Global Leaders," then talk about how you are a global leader inside and outside the classroom. You can use your experiences that match specific keywords in the mission statement to show the university that you belong on their campus.

You can also mention names of specific professors at that university who are working on projects you're interested in; this also shows you've done your research. Writing this essay is very important as it is the only way to show the university who you are as a person. There is no right time to start the essay. So take your computer, notepad, or anything else and bring it everywhere so you can start writing when inspiration strikes! 

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