How to Increase Your Chance of Getting Admission into Your Dream University

The application cycle for Fall 2022 has started, and students are preparing their applications to their dream universities. Several students make the mistake of not understanding the admissions officer's point of view, so here are some insights that can potentially help you get into the university of your choice.

Each university receives thousands of applications that they need to review and make decisions for. Even if you spend a lot of time and resources creating the perfect application, you will still be a piece of paper in the admissions office. The one easy thing that will put you at a much higher level than many other students is a virtual interaction with the admission officers.

Most universities have admissions counselors who are always willing to meet with international students virtually and answer any questions. Meeting with the admissions counselors bridges the gap between the application and the student. Now they have a face to match your application, which makes a much stronger connection. Immediately, they'll know who you are when reviewing your application. 

There are multiple ways you can set up an appointment with these counselors. You can meet them at a WebiFair event and ask them any question you have, plus get all their contact information and helpful brochures. Alternatively, you can also email the admissions office to book an appointment. These counselors are often very busy due to the sheer volume of students that they meet. It might take a few weeks to book an appointment with them, but it will be worth it in the end; good luck!

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