How To Create A Bank Account Abroad

Many students need clarification about how to carry money with them or have an international bank account from their home countries. There are two steps to managing this situation. Step one is to figure out a temporary solution for the days you travel and the first week in your new host country. And step two is the permanent solution for your entire 3-4 years of studying abroad.

When you travel to your destination, you have two options. 1) carry cash in the destination currency. You can easily find dollars or euros anywhere in your home city. It would be best to bring enough to survive for the first month. Once there, you can open a bank account, and anyone can send money through an international wire transfer. 2) you can use a forex card. There are multiple forex cards that you can get; a simple Google search can show you the best forex card deals in your home country. You can deposit enough money in your forex card and use it wherever you travel, removing the need to carry cash everywhere.

Once you reach your destination, go to the most popular bank in your host country and open a student account. Student accounts usually do not have any extra fees and are easy to open. Just walk into the bank with all your documents, and they will help you to open an account.

Those are just a few tips on banking abroad made easy!

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