Facts and Advice for the SAT

SAT is a standardized test taken by students who want to study in the U.S.

  1. The SAT is given seven times per year: January, March/April, May, June, October, November, and December.
  2. Take the SAT 2-3 times. Most people take the PSAT in October of grade 11 and then the SAT either once or twice early next year and then once or twice at the beginning of grade 12.
  3. SAT has a maximum of 1,600 points. 800 for mathematics and 800 for English.
  4. Questions on the SAT go from easiest to hardest. This means that it is wiser to omit the questions at the end of the section. The reading and grammar sections are the only sections that do not go in order of difficulty.
  5. You should do at least one practice test per week in each of the four weeks leading up to your exam. If English is not your first language, spend enough time getting comfortable with the English sections.
  6. Make sure you always time yourself when you are practicing. Each section has a specific amount of time allotted to it.
  7. The most important math strategy by far is trial and error for each of the options in the equation. This is much faster than solving it to find an answer.
  8. You can read the first 20 lines on the reading passage questions and go to the first question. Once you get an idea of what the passage is about, you can find keywords from the questions and look for them in the passage. Then read 5-6 lines before and after the keywords in the passage to find the answer to that question.

Source: https://info.methodtestprep.com/blog/bid/58010/SAT-Quick-Facts 

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