Booking Your Flights

For some students, it will be their first time looking for flight tickets and traveling alone. It is essential to start learning how to book your flights and make the necessary arrangements. Here are the top three places to look for the best deals on tickets:

  1. Google Flights: this is always a great option to start. Google Flights have been the best search to find all the airlines that fly between your home country and your destination. This way, you'll get an idea of what airlines to look into. Although, most people do not book the tickets through google as you cannot get the airline customer service access if you book your ticket through a third party.
  2. this student website usually has the best flight deals possible. Student travelers are generally flexible with their dates, so this website offers a grid feature where you can see which dates are the cheapest to fly. The fares are more affordable, but these tickets are usually not flexible or refundable. Once you buy them, you are stuck with them. The airline might not provide customer service for you as this is, again, a third-party website.
  3. Airline's website: this is the best and safest place to buy tickets. Once you know which airlines fly to your destination, you can go to their websites. The ticket cost might be the same as Google Flights and a little higher than StudentUniverse, but buying any flight ticket directly from the airline's website allows you full access to customer service. You can call them any time to make changes or ask questions. Some airlines also offer additional weight allowances for student travelers, so call and check.

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